Friday 5 January 2018

Interesting things with Power of the Primes!

I recently bought the first wave of POTP and I got an Amalgamous Slash with some obvious misprint in all english repeated four times. Just wondering if any one else got this with POTP cards. I also figured out a way to add Slash to the combiner by tucking her robot legs under the shoulder pads at the back giving Volcanius more dimension on the back side instead of the flat back. Share any other ideas for combos if you got them! Also I used Kylo Ren lightsaber light up chopstick for a weapon!


Friday 3 November 2017

Happy Halloween

These are some pumpkins I have done over the last couple of years. There is one Unicron one that I am still looking for so hopefully I find it because it is awesome. Every year I do a Transformer themed pumpkin and since learning about the history of carving pumpkins I have also started carving turnips. Example Mr. Oogie boogie on the left to Kremzeek. Check out the old Irish story of Tricky Jack it is very interesting. Here is a link to the history of Jack O' Lanterns.

Thursday 26 October 2017

Titan wars!

Hey everyone this is just have some fun with my collection of Titan masters, Legend and Titan figures. Just wanted to play around see what angles I could get defiantly need more space and maybe some terrain.